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  We're currently seen by more than 3.8 million vehicles each week and our advertisers get 6,000 guaranteed impressions per week per site - that's a lot of exposure for your brand!

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Powerful Impact.

When you advertise through ODNA's out-of-home digital media you get powerful impact, with a maximum of 8 advertisers per rotation and 8 seconds of view time each rotation.  The changing displays are eye catching for commuters, giving your brand an opportunity every minute of the day to be seen by the local community.

We are Community.

ODNA is a team of digital out-of-home media specialists and we're all about community.  Our digital billboards are located in high traffic areas that bring you and your message to the local community.  Being 100% digital, we're agile and responsive - and that means content can updated in real time.

We are Australia's fastest growing outdoor digital billboard advertising network. Independently owned, we offer competitive rates for advertisers from a growing network of 17 key locations in Queensland.

Our goal is to be Australia’s largest independent national Digital out of Home specialist, we are planning to invest in key sites throughout Australia, including moving onto NSW and Victoria during 2018.

ODNA’s team of industry professionals, coupled with our technical development, advanced planning tools and extensive data provides our customers with a simple, flexible and dynamic advertising platform.