Milton Billboard

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Milton - ODNA Digital Billboard

Our 18 square metre Milton digital billboard has a landscape orientation and sits  at 271 Milton Road. It provides exposure to Inbound traffic to the city and has a weekly traffic count of 230, 100.

The Milton billboard is located on one of Brisbane's busiest roads and close to iconic locations such as Suncorp Stadium and the XXXX brewery.  This billboard is well positioned to reach an affluent western suburbs audience, Inbound to the city. High weekly audience volumes coupled with Suncorp sport patrons, provide unparalleled exposure.

The Milton billboard is illuminated from 5:00am to 10:00pm and operates on an 8 second dwell time.

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*Figures provided are representative of min. 1.3+ occupant per motor vehicle (audited by Brisbane City Council and using data from ABS 2016 Census).