People outdoors recall and take action!

We know from research conducted by Australia’s longest running qualitative social trends study – Ipsos Mind and Mood Report – that people are spending more time out and about. 

For Australians especially, being outdoors is part of our culture, our ‘Australianness’. Exciting new research released in the UK now reveals that people out of home have a 33% heightened alertness than people in the home. This means that when people are outdoors, they have higher absorption and recall of advertising messages.

The same research also measured people’s moods while outdoors. Showing people have a higher rate of taking action in response to outdoor ads compared to other media, because they feel more energetic and active. Two new research studies conducted by Dipsticks Research into Purpose also revealed that 70% of people on the street are in active purchase mode, 60% buy things they were not expecting to buy, and 80% admit to always carrying money on them.

These findings validate Out-of-Home (OOH) as a medium that brings real benefits to advertisers. Grounding OOH as the only traditional medium to keep growing while other traditional channels see their audiences fragmenting.

Source: Outdoor Media Centre UK, conducted by COG Research