OOH as a tool to drive ACTION, not just build awareness

Image Source: Pixabay

You probably know of OOH advertising as a great way to build awareness, because of it's ability to reach large numbers of consumers, but did you also know that it is a great tool for driving consumer action?

A 2016 study undertaken by OMA and Hoop Group, discovered that when consumers are out of the home, they are twice as alert, and likelier to act upon messages. This is important, because as Liz Farquharson, Director of Hoop Group stated this higher rate of alertness helps to "prime the mind, making it more alert and ready for receiving and taking action on ad message.".

Dr Phil Harris, a leading neuroscientist & Honorary Fellow at the University of Melbourne also noted the research reflected that "We're wired to scan the environment for events that can impact on us or things that are linked to our goals. There's more to react to, therefore we're more likely to act. It's a primal thing - survive and thrive.".

This higher alertness out of the home is important, as it drives the consumers memory formation, ensuring that OOH campaigns are both noticed and remembered by the consumer. 

Although  OOH is vital to capturing attention, and creating a memorable campaign, Digital OOH again adds to the noticeabilitity and likelihood of action of an advertising message. Digital stands out from the clutter of other OOH messages, ensuring a message is noticed. As well as the ability to customise messages, ensuring it is timely and relevant, increasing the likelihood of action, for example; an advertisement promoting a sale in the next 5 km, which would encourage them to look out for and enter the store, highly impacting campaign performance and conversion. 

Research from OMA & Hoop Group (2016), as reported by B&T, 15 August, 2016.