Strengths of Digital Out Of Home Advertising


Digital out of home advertising's large, electric, eye catching format is designed to grab attention, and cut through the clutter. 

Features such as larger than life images, strong, clear branding and messaging, large, clear text, and contrasting colours, help create an ad that leaps out of it's surroundings

And it's not only those of us in the business who think so. 82% of respondents in a study by Nielsen, could recall seeing specific ads from a digital billboard in the past month - now that's IMPACT. 

Cost Effective

Outdoor advertising while on the pricey side when compared to online advertising, is so cost effective that it is only beaten by Television. 

Did you also know, that using outdoor advertising in your campaign increases the ROI of ALL other media. 

An added bonus of using digital out of home, is how low the setup costs are, when compared to static billboards - ensuring you're really going to get a bang for your buck!

Creates & Keeps Awareness

Outdoor advertising is well known for being a great way to create awareness for your brand. In fact outdoor has been found to be the second most memorable media (with TV as the first), with 55% of audiences retaining campaign information for a week following the activity. 

A lesser known fact about digital outdoor advertising is it's ability to maintain awareness; with 82% of people agreeing there are some outdoor advertising campaigns they remember for a long time.

Take for example the iconic Coca Cola billboard in Sydney's Kings Cross. Whilst of course the campaign has never 'ended', the sign has become so well known that it  has become an iconic part of Sydney, growing as the City did, moving from static to an led board, as time went on. 


People are engaged by content that is either interesting or relevant to them. Outdoor advertising already allows local targeting which provides relevant information, however the advantage of digital signs is the ability to quickly, easily and cheaply update the message.

This allows advertisers to reach their audience with both local targeting and speed to market. Being able to run a campaign, and switch in a Valentines Day message for example, really gives advertisers a unique opportunity to be constantly relevant in their customers lives. 

Consumers themselves confirm that they find digital outdoor advertising engaging, and relevant, agreeing that digital billboards;

  • are a cool way to advertise (72%)
  • are a good way to learn about new businesses in the area (65%)
  • are a good way to learn about sales and events (61%)
  • provides me with current & important informatiion (70%)


Research from Digital Signage Today (2015), BrandsScience (2009), OMA (2013).